PT.  Lifa Plasmet Indonesia
ID Accessories Manufactur

First of all we would like to introduce our company  PT. Lifa Plasmet Indonesia  based at Complex Walakaka Industrial Estate Blok C No.10  Batam, since 1999 has registered our company in a law firm with register no 14 (fourteen) and income tax registered no. 02.045.397.3-215.000.

  1. Our company is a develop company in which has its activities consist of:

1, Structure

  1. a. Established in Batam on September 1999
  2. b. Total employment of 35 staff with 50% of staff since commencement
  3. c. Company management skilled and experienced in production, management and finance.

2. Business

  1. a. We manufacturing and assembly of complete range of Identification Products
  2. b. Exports to Singapore and Europe countries through distribution network

3. Products:

  1. a. PVC soft badge holders
  2. b. PP, ABS and PVC rigid card holders
  3. c. Metal & Plastic clips
  4. d. Lanyards
  5. e. Name tags
  6. f. PVC document holders & passport covers
  7. g. Customized identification products
  8. h. Vacuum forming
  9. i. Silk-screening service

5. Track Records

  1. a. Largest manufacturer and trading of identification products in the Riau Islands, Indonesia
  2. b. Quality assurance to meet customer's satisfaction.

We know and we believe that a company's development are depends besides on its own organization and efficiency, but not lack is the support of its customers. So we sincerely hope that your company would consider in giving us the opportunity to co-operate with your company. We believe that we will try our best to meets your requirements.

Thank you for your attention in our Company Profile and we look forward to receive good news from your company.


Komplek Walakaka Industrial Estate Blok C No. 10 
Batam Centre, Kota Batam
Kepulauan Riau - Indonesia
Telp: +62 778 461 320
Fax : +62 778 461 427
Email : [email protected]